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Peru. Its tale has been told and retold by scores of explorers and adventurers. Yet the country remains shrouded in mystery. For mere words cannot capture all the magic working here. First, we rediscover the Andes with Jaime Araoz Chacon. His job is to support and accompany the indigenous communities. He acts as a spokesman to give a voice to these communities. Jaime is also a politically committed artist. He paints to share his knowledge, a true craftsman of the collective memory.

Then we meet José del Carpio. He is a volcanologist at the IGP, the Institute of Geophysics of Peru. He’s in charge of monitoring the seismic and volcanic activity in the southern part of the country. The region of Arequipa is home to all of Peru’s active volcanoes.

Finally, we discover the world of Ario Ferri, a mountaineer and adventurer. Inspired by tales of adventure and space exploration, fascinated by his nights spent hanging from a cliff, Ario brought all his passions together to invent a system of inhabitable pods, futuristic shelters clinging to the mountainside. Inspired by the incas, It’s on a lush green slope of the Sacred Valley that Ario has decided to hang “the Skylodge”.
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