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CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Witches Animated Short Film by Stim Studio. Featured on CGMeetup Gallery

Félix ferrand and Thibaut Vuillin embarked on a great journey: producing and directing short animated films. Witches is the most ambitious one and is a feminist tale on witch-hunt with a modern twist.

To do so, they turned to former students who wanted to make their “graduation” short film on their own. Thus, the Cpasdec student association joined Stim Studio to take part of this challenging and exciting project.

Felix and Thibaut also reached out to their contacts in the industry to find partners and teachers all around the world in order to help with the project and train the students. Our first partner was Foundry who gave us the opportunity to use softwares like Katana, Nuke and Mari. All the projects are now fully rendered inside Katana using the Redshift render engine. We also partnered with the Pillon sound studio who joined the adventure and helped us on the voice and sound effect recordings.

Produced By Felix Ferrand, Thibaut Vuillin
Directed By Thibaut Vuillin
Written By Amaryllis Premillieu
Voice Actor: Mathilde Dhondt, Cristelle Ledroit, Soline Itovich, Damien Laquet.
Production Manager: Célésine Giraud, Maya Mincet.
Editing - Color Grading: Thibaut Vuillin
Music: Thibaut Vuillin
Mix And Sound Design: Samy Pitiot
Foley Artist: Jean-baptiste Cornier
Additional Voice Recording: Stephane Brossolet
Technical Director: Niels Dervieux
Concept Art: Gautier Filliard, Tristan Reyne, Lea Bigorie.
Character Modeling - Facial Rigging : Nils Allely, Mathis Ben El Hadj, Lucas Brun, Hugo Crombez, Alice Gamel, Julia Teixeira Mazaudoux, Owen Laffuge, Séverin Valran.
Creature Sculpting: Kévin Cadet, Marine Marques.
Character Groom - Lookdev: Martin Behem, Romain Rochette, Liam Collod.
Lookdev: Liam Collod, Aurélie Fiore, Théo Frobert, Owen Laffuge, Tom Laurans, Charlotte Marty.
Set Dressing: Elliot Lequertier, Yoan Ollier.
Props Modeling: Théo Frobert, Margot Teinturier, Nils Allely, Mathis Ben El Hadj, Lucas Brun, Kévin Cadet, Liam Collod, Hugo Crombez, Aurélie Fiore, Alice Gamel, Héloise Maire, Owen Laffuge, Tom Laurans, Quentin Lefant, Elliot Lequertier, Marine Marques, Charlotte Marty, Romain Rochette, Yoan Ollier, Jules Peyres, Julia Teixeira Mazaudoux, Séverin Valran, Jeanne Plissonier.
Rig Body: Fabien Taxil
Animation: Antoine Gregoire, Jeremy Pasquier, Charlotte Legeay, Grégory D'andrea, Tristan Bouillon Perron, Justine Coulon, Guillaume Ficca, Fabien Goffin, Lisa Fachon.
Fx: Moussa Brecq
Cfx: Nils Allely, Mathis Ben El Hadj, Lucas Brun, Hugo Crombez, Alice Gamel, Julia Teixeira Mazaudoux, Owen Laffuge, Séverin Valran.
Lighting - Rendering - Compositing: Jules Peyres, Quentin Lefant, Owen Laffuge, Tom Laurans, Liam Collod.
Special Thanks: The Foundry, Studio Miroslav Pilon, Franck Pitiot, Maya Mincet, Benoit Gielly, Jordan Soler, Sylvain Robert, Marcus Ottosson (

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CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Witches" by Stim Studio | CGMeetup


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