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Today, Somewhere on Earth is off to discover the Sultanate of Oman in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. This is the Orient of The Thousand and One Nights, which the Romans called Arabia Felix, Blessed Arabia.

It’s also the land of the once nomadic Bedouins. Bedu in Arabic means desert dweller.

Dhofar, in the far south of the country harbors a precious treasure: frankincense.

Mossin devotes most of his time to the protection of the frankincense tree. 2000 years ago the inhabitants here made fortunes and their influence spread throughout the world thanks to the frankincense trade.

Saïd lives in the Hajar, a mountain range in the north along the Gulf of Oman. He lives his life according to the seasons of his date palms. He takes care of them for they are all he has and he lives right in the midst of his trees.

Ahmed and his son live in Balat Sayt in the Djebel Al Akhdar, literally the Green Mountain. Ahmed is an arif, a water master, a guardian of knowledge and a living memory.
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